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10-Year Anniversary

Wash N’ Go depot celebrates its 10 - Year Anniversary in the month of May and

we wanted to do something truly special for the community. We will

be selling air fresheners for $1 and each dollar spent will be

matched by us and given to Sparrow Clubs USA along with

Sparrow Jadyn. To find out more about Jadyn, visit this link:

Not only that, on the back of each air freshener is a QR code. Scan

this QR code, and you will be taken to a page to enter into a

giveaway for a free membership for a year!

So get these air fresheners while supplies last and help

a truly great cause.

Sparrow Clubs not only provides financial and emotional support

for children and their families in medical need but also empowers

kids (elementary to college-age) to help others through charitable

service in their communities.


The Sparrow Clubs program teaches life lessons in compassion and selflessness through building relationships between a Sparrow family, a school student body, and our community. Sick kids get help, healthy kids become heroes, and communities experience change.

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