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At every Wash N' Go Depot location we offer state-of-the-art, powerful vacuums. They're free to use when you get a car wash. We take extra steps to ensure that every vacuum is powerful and kept clean so that you can keep the inside of your car just as clean as the outside.  

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Towels & Window Cleaner

When you pull into the vacuum area, you'll find a cart that contains towels and window cleaner. These are free for use for any customer that has gone through the car wash. The towels and window cleaner are great for use to clean the inside of your windows, as well as wiping down any areas of your car that might still be wet. Be sure to return your towels to the "Dirty Towels" bin when you're done!

Dash Wipe & Air Freshener

Each wash package comes with a dash wipe to help remove dust from your dashboard. The Depot Shield wash package comes with a free air freshener. We have four scents, Black Ice, NuCar, Vanilla, and Fresh Wave. To learn more about the Depot Shield, click here

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