Your car is an extension of yourself. It reflects your personality, style and how people see you. That's why we take our job seriously. We make sure your car sparkles every time you leave our tunnel. If you are not COMPLETELY  satisfied with your wash, we'll do it again on us - no questions asked!   


Water is a finite resource that we need to protect. Washing with any professional car wash is always better than washing your car at home. Not only does at-home washing waste water, but also sends untreated water into the storm drains and directly into streams and rivers. Wash N Go Depot recycles 70% of the water we use. Our excess and used water is sent through the sanitary sewer system, where is purified and released. Our processes ensure that we use as little water as possible, while keeping the environment as clean as your car.


Our staff is here to serve YOU. We are in the people business; our equipment is in the car wash business. We only hire great personalities that love people and have a servant's heart. That's why we have such a loyal following!

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