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You're Wasting Water by Washing at Home

Many people do not know this, but you are actually doing the environment a favor by going through an automated car wash. In fact, washing your car at home is so bad for the environment it is against the law in some countries. How does an automatic car wash help the environment? Automated car washes lower water consumption by recycling their water, using more environmentally friendly products, and produce hardly any waste.

Car washes are very efficient when it comes to water usage. Having done the job tons of times they know just the right amount of water to get your car clean. It is estimated that car washes use ¼ of the water we would use at home to clean our cars. Another advantage of going to an automated car wash is that they recycle their wastewater. Don’t worry! They are not cleaning your car with someone else’s dirty water. It is treated and cleaned before being reused. Automated car washes also have access to more environmentally friendly cleaning products. This is overall better for the environment and your vehicle. These products are also collected after use, therefore, having no way to harm the environment.

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